Enjoying Enjoy

Panama Possee Parteeee

The Panama Possee, of which we’ve been members for four years now, had a big bash with pig roast and open Flor de Cana rum (yes, we bought a 1/4 case). Don and I led the very boisterous Texas Hold ’em Poker Tournament, to which I was able to come in third (Annie from SV Cygnus Cygnus came in 2nd, and Bram from SV Codiwomple came in 1st, winning 50% pot and a bottle of Flor de Cana).

Not Sold Yet!

So, SV Enjoy is officially listed for sale on yachtworld.com, but not sold yet. So in the mean while, we are making sure we enjoy the family of cruising friends we’ve made in Panama who are currently at Shelter Bay Marina. We jam our ukuleles several times a week with other cruisers artfully led by Steph and Stu (SV Matador), join the weekly pot lucks and happy hours.

Boat Projects

There are a few boat projects that are left, so Nina took on successfully rebuilding one of the heads. We set up a Starlink service, and are working through some kinks, but love the speed! Hopefully, it will allow us to work from the more remote islands in the San Blas where we couldn’t visit previously due to lack of cell coverage.

Family & Friends time

While we were in the US looking at a boat, we were able to enjoy family and friends time as well!

Plans to enjoy San Blas and work on windsurfing and free diving

We plan on heading out in a bit to enjoy the San Blas islands before Enjoy is sold. Our plans are to relax, fish, snorkle, practice our freediving and get our windsurfing on. Wish us luck!

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