Going through the Panama Canal Sunday (tomorrow)!

As foreshadowed, Enjoy will be transiting back from the Pacific to the Caribbean side of Panama via the Panama Canal tomorrow and maybe Monday. Our good friends, Lisa and Ken Karsten will be our line handlers, along with a professional line handler from our agent, Erik Galvez.

There are three different live stream links. When I know timing better, I’ll post them on Facebook and update this page!

  1. TOMORROW MORNING, we should be at the Miraflora locks sometime between 7-8 am  
  2. TOMORROW MID DAY you may see us from the Centennial bridge before we go through the Gatun locks around 10-11 am
  3. SUNDAY EVENING OR MONDAY MORNING , we should go through the Gatun locks anytime from 2 pm on OR starting Monday around 9 am
Prepping by watching Youtube!

See you on the other side!

Videos from our November 2021 Canal Passage

Below are videos from our passage the other way round!

Link to Blog Post is HERE

Link to Tham’s Two Day Crossing Video is HERE

Link to Time Lapse Video of Day 2 is HERE

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