Last Days in Costa Rica

Abort Abort!

Since we enjoyed the 10 mile Golfito hike to the Rainforest Mountain Reserve last time we were here, we invited cruiser friends Ian and Mary (MV Aegis) and Laura (SV Carinthian) to join us again. This time, we planned after reaching the top, to take what looked like a cut through into town versus returning the same way. Well, that didn’t bode well.

There was a landslide which wiped out part of the cut through, which was appearing more and more to be just a path cut by rain versus walking path. So 1/5 of the way down the 1400 foot elevation, we agreed to abort the cut through and return home the original way.

Luckily a friendly truck stopped to pick us up and give us a ride back partway through and Ian then saw his first Costa Rican toucan!

Too Much Fishing Gear?

I thought I’d review our cache of fishing paraphernalia and realized I couldn’t part with anything! At least it got reorganized into Trolling, Jigging/Spinning, Ballyhoo Rigs, Repair, and General stuff needed to make leaders and such.

Can a girl have too much fishing gear?

Panama Here We Come – Again

So, we’re ready to head back to Panama soon. Old friends from Panama, Torsten and/or Laura (SV Carinthian) may catch a ride with us as well, which would make night watches easier and be lots of fun. Stay tuned!

One thought on “Last Days in Costa Rica

  1. I was shocked to see that you are selling ENOY! We thought you were on your way up the Sea of CORTEZ where we had hoped to join you, Our marina in FT myers was destroyed by Hurricane IAN and even though ZEELANDER was “safely” pn the hard in a boatyatd,, it was badly damaged by a monohull that fell over on our deck and totalled by our insurance
    All this has been overshadowed by the fact thatI have spent the suummer and fall in and out of hospitals and rehabs for various eart, lung and kidney issues. I amback home now, but have to to dialisis teatments 3 times a week for 4 hours! Am living day by day,

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