Full Circle Decision Regarding Enjoy

Did you sell Enjoy and buy a new boat?

Well… we had two offers on Enjoy that came in during the 2023 Miami boat show thanks to our wonderful Panama Yacht Broker, Charles Bodian. Concurrently during that time, we had the opportunity to sail on the FP Elba 45 which I had fallen in love with at the Annapolis sailboat show.

It was a beautiful day in Panama, and we had lovely hosts. As we went out, I remembered all the things I loved about the design. But even though it was a 1 1/2 year old boat, there were a few warranty problems still being worked through. As I saw the owners working through the issues diligently, a little bell rang in my head. A well-seasoned Moorings delivery captain who was getting ready for her 23rd passage through the Panama Canal said to me, ‘why would you sell your boat if you know all your systems and they’re all working’? And, the boat sailed much like Enjoy, how production catamarans sail give or take and another little bell rang in my head. Don had well meaningly said many months ago ‘Nina, the problem is not the boat, it’s You!‘ Soul searching, I knew in my heart he was right. If I was bored, it wasn’t the boat, it was me and a new boat wasn’t really going to change anything if I didn’t change how I was approaching our cruising. So, I thanked our wonderful hosts, got off the boat, and thanked Don for being so patient letting me go through the process of deciding what was the best next step for us. So….

So, yes. In April, we will be going through the Panama Canal a 4th time, and finally heading out to the beautiful atolls and unique cultures of the islands of the South Pacific.

Boat Updates

In the meanwhile, Enjoy will be getting a small facelift eg: two new refrigerators, new heat exchangers and a general overhaul of the engines, a fish finder to keep me busy while we sail and help with bottom contours while we enter narrow atoll entrances, and new bottom paint. She’s a good 3.5″ higher on the waterline since we sold a lot of things that we had been carrying around, so hopefully she’ll perform a bit more nimbly.

Follow Us to French Polynesia!

And, we finally bit the bullet and registered SV Enjoy on Noforeignland.com so if you click here, you’ll see our entire journey since we’ve left the US more or less. We also have Starlink satellite now so we can work remotely and take your video calls in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Fun at Shelter Bay

In the mean while, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in Panama City, participated in Carnival, and in the Marina, playing ukuleles during music nights, hosting poker tournaments, and taking part in happy hours and pot lucks. Enjoy the pictures!

Shamless plug

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