Modified fishing program

Heat stroke

So, we overdid it. We caught six fish (black skipjack tuna and Pacific bonito) the other day. We kept three that day and were able to return three successfully to their habitats. But, I paid with heat stroke and a migraine for three days.

double header!

A passage later after a good rest, I set up a modified fishing program. One side only! My fancy Shimano combo with a 30′ diving Rapala Xrap and two teasers so only one side would need cleaning after the kill.

Hoping for a mahi-mahi, Ken Karsten reeled in an 11 lb, 42″ bull. Filleted whole, we went with the fresh fish program:

It’s been 5 years since we caught a mahi-mahi on ENJOY
  • Day 1: fresh sushi with tamago
  • Day 2: ceviche with avocado
  • Day 3: grilled fillets

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