Costa Rica: Part II

Antipoaching @Earthrace and attack dog

We spent an evening chatting onboard with Captain Pete Bethune, Josh, and the rest of the crew on @earthrace. A friend made in Las Perlas, Ev (S/V Hanoah) had told us about a boat she had volunteered on the previous year, and it turned out to be the same. So, serendipity called, Ev was in the anchorage for a day or two, so she joined us as well to catch up with the crew.

Pete is a public figure who has chased illegal fishing, baby-seal bashers, and endangered species poachers in multiple countries. His crew is working with the Costa Rican government along with nearby countries to set up anti-poaching procedures appropriate for their terrains and governmental interests.

The crew is also training their 2 year old shephard to attack poachers and gave us a pretty cool demonstration (video here).

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