Is art worth the weight/wait?

Built for comfort, not for speed

Catamarans, in contrast to monohulls, have weight challenges. Every time we consider putting something in the boat, we think about the weight and whether there’s something we can remove for counterbalance. Unfortunately, this year, many times we’ve added weight while our friends on SV Toucan did just the opposite. They pitched their generator, washing machine, replacing heads and their black water holding tanks with his and her composting toilets, and more managing to save 600 lbs. Let’s just say, we “enjoy” our creature comforts.

Abstract oil painting changes form factor

Over a decade ago, I painted a large abstract oil for our daughter, Tali. We took it off the frame so she could have it on her dorm wall during college, and we wanted to mount it in her cabin on the boat. Coming to the rescue was my sister, Adi Benning, a talented artist in her own right. She adhered my  68′ oil painting to a thin wood backing, encased it in resin, cut it into panels for easy transport, and brought it to Ft. Pierce to install it.
  • The goal: a backboard in Tali’s cabin.
  • Weight: 25 lbs

How did we install the artwork?

Don, Adi, Tali and I then wrestled with how to best install it behind the mattress. Goals were as follows: it shouldn’t move in any way in confused seas, nor rattle, and have the ability to be removed without ruining the Lagoon wall boards. We purchased aluminum french cleats from Home Depot, adhered them to the of the the board with Very High Bonding tape (3M VHB), placed a line of weather stripping to the middle to eliminate rattles, and then a few 2″ pieces of heavy duty velcro tape to the lower portion.  

The result

We’re rather pleased.  What do you think?

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