Visiting Us? Read this!

To make your visit more comfortable, please consider bringing the following:

  • Mobile Phone (if you want) – you can pick up a local SIM when you get to the boat. Some folks use Google Fi as an option.
  • A plug-in Phone Charger (we have converters to 220 volt from 110 volt)
  • Lightweight Waterproof Jacket (for the tropical rain)
  • Wide brimmed sunhat and your preferred sunscreen
  • It’s nice if you have them to bring polarized sunglasses for improved visibility on the water and a croakie so you don’t lose them.
  • Soft soled shoes (or go barefoot) and hiking shoes for warm climates.
  • People love moisture wicking clothing for a reason…
  • A camera (Still and/or Video) and it’s chargers
  • Any phone or hard drives with music or movies greatly appreciated.
  • Any reading materials to pass away the time but please take them back when you leave
  • Either duffle type bags for easy stowage, or secondarily, soft bags with hard bottoms for the wheels. Please please don’t bring hard suitcases!
  • Swim suits, coverups, and snorkeling gear (we have 1 spare mask, snorkle, and fins set each for a shoe size 6-8 women, and 10-12 men)
  • Electricity converters (boat has 220 V European plugs).
  • Flashlight (if you have one)
  • Toileteries (we have bath soap and shampoo if you’re not picky)
  • Travel Insurance (that includes offshore sailing)
  • Passport
  • Your own drink bottle for refilling from boat water for day trips
  • Let us know if you have space in your bag that could be used to get some gear over to us)

We will be providing:

  • Bath towel and beach towel
  • Pillow case and queen sized sheets
  • Duvet and blanket
  • Life jacket and tether
  • Dishes
  • Great company!

Page very liberally stolen from our friend La Mischief’s terrific website.