It Twasn’t a Difficult Adjustment from the Bahamas to the US Due to Charleston’s Charms

Dance, Music, Opera, Blues, History & Architecture

It’s not that Charleston doesn’t have it charms on a day to day basis, but combining these charms with the Spoleto  USA Festival of dance, drama, opera, and music and we were thrilled.  While we loved the Bahamas for its beautiful waters and active cruising community, it is good to be back in the ol’ USA!

We attended “Flying Lovers of Vitesk”–a musical about Marc Chagall and his muse and wife, “Backbone” acrobatics performance, blues performance by local musician, “Pas de Deux” in honor of Jerome Robins, a gospel spiritual service including songs by the Beatles and Whitney Houston in a local church, chamber music, the crazy and colorful “Feed and Seed” marching band from Atlanta, and visual artist stands in the parks.

Riding the water taxi with old friends

Our good friends, Dean and Karen Massey, and their son Ben (S/V Snowcat II), joined us for some, and entertained us on their lovely catamaran.

The Food Almost Killed Us

The food scene is absolutely incredible.

Husk sources locally

They say that Johnson & Wales’ (JWU) culinary school helped raise it to another level, and townies were quite upset JWU moved to Charlotte.

We ate well–all the weight we lost in the Bahamas was regained thanks to Charleston’s Southern food and drink. Hands down, the shrimp and grits at Husk (JWU chef) was the best. And Page’s Okra Grill also make a very good bacon Bloody Mary!

Full Circle

Raising the Q flag upon arrival in the US

Trina and John from SV NextPlace came over a few times to share drinks and discuss weather. We met them at the very beginning of our journey in Annapolis last October.

We’re ready to cross directly to Annapolis now; we’re just waiting for the right weather window.

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