2nd Fish: 18 lb, 40″ Mahi-Mahi!

The Fishing Pole Broke!

So this fish definitely was a fighter! I tried to reel her in, but got a bit tired and Don took over.

She pulled so hard that the wheel mechanism pulled off the rod. Now it was my turn to wield the knife and fillet my fish.


It looked so good, we only let it sit 30 min. in the marinade…

With two 18 lbers under our belts, we now have a pattern. We freeze most of the fillets but reserve for Day 1: sushi with fresh wasabi and Day 2: ceviche. This time I had fresh limes, jalapeno, avocado, cilantro, and a few small tomatoes left for the ceviche.

We Were Prepared

We’re at the ready!

As you can see, we pulled out our gear to be ready to harvest, measure, weigh and fillet our catch. Thank you Victor and Jennifer Mizrahi for the gaff!

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