3 Months in Georgetown Come to an End

Twas Adult Day Care

I finally experienced summer camp as truly Georgetown, Great Exhuma upholds that reputation. Don and I played Texas Hold ‘Em led by Nicky and Richard Pendergast at least 2x a week; I went to water aerobics almost daily led by Cal from Sailacat Charters and later Elsa Gustafson. Don played volleyball in the afternoons, while we both played Mexican Train dominos led by Dana Pichon. We took walks along the trails maintained by fellow cruisers, snorkeled with new friends, danced Wednesday nights at the Chat and Chill, and unsuccessfully hunted lobster. We made many friends for life; and hope to see them as we continue our adventure.

Who visited?

We happily hosted several visitors since we left Annapolis: my mom Judith Reisman, our daughter Tali Preuss 2x, sister and nephew Debbie and David Fink, in-laws Ruth and Peter Preuss, Sabrina Hooper, and poker girls Dawn Landsman and Mary Anna Portner-Brown.

Biggest surprise?

Old friends arriving after cruising together 16 years ago!

The biggest surprise was to meet up again with Karen and Dean Massey aboard Snowcat II, as we cruised with them in the Caribbean in 2002 on Enjoy I. After homeschooling our children and buddy boating 16 years ago, the kids are now empowered young adults and we’re off doing our thing again.

Next steps

We’ll make our way slowly up luxuriating in the Exhumas, Eluthera, and the Abacos before heading to the US. Many boats we’ve met and befriended will appear on this journey, while others are Southbound or have already headed home.

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