Utility water pump for Passover

In line with our All I wanted for Christmas blog; for Passover I wanted to assemble our utility water pump and place it with our other crossing gear. This would be for any strange water leaks, to have additional ability to pump out hard to get places, and speed water removal if one of the other bilge pumps failed.  It’s also nice to have on board in it’s specially marked box so it can be easily transported to help others should another boat spring an unwanted leak.

What do we have for stopping water and pumpout if there is a leak?

foam cone  plug
  • appropriate sized wooden plugs attached to each thru hull with extras available
  • newer “tech” Forespar bungs that confirm to irregular shaped hull breaches.
  • Assorted boards that can be fit into holes (and cushions)
  • lower and upper bilge pumps, that automatically turn on and alarm
  • Manual bilge pumps

What’s the nifty design?

Should we need a bit more pumping capability, Don designed an utility water pump that runs off our “cigarette lighter” outlets, which are always powered on.   It is comprised of the following components:

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