Too much poker not enough snorkeling

So there’s just been one cold front after another hitting us here in the Exumas. Lots of wind and rain so what do you do in Georgetown, you play poker! I have been having a lot of fun with the Texas Hold’em tournaments year, and indeed one time I was second place so in the money… But, I never thought I would be on the boat as much as I have been.

Georgetown is like summer camp for adults though, every morning we’re still doing water aerobics …sometimes in the rain but just like a good swimming pool we always cancel when there’s Thunder.

Boat wise, we’ve installed 3 grab rails on the sugar scoops to make it easier to get on and off the boat.

We also installed a little hatch door to give us more storage underneath the stairs.

The water maker is completely done and we’re thrilled with it, while the undersink Seagull water filter is also complete.

I hit publish a tad too soon….

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  1. So glad to hear about the new grab rails on the pontoons! Our weather here on FL west coast has also been very cool and some rain. A few sun breaks. Not enough pool time, No beach or snorkel time and no anchoring out or cruising until it arms up. Moving ZEELANDER to Cape CORAL. in the next week or two. Have seen lots of excellent films read many books and seen some good theater and a spectacular road company of AN AMERICAN IN PARIS at Mann PAC in Ft Myers to keep me sane.Love to you both, SUZANNE

  2. i HAVE BEEN CHECKING OUT AVAILABLE FLIGHTS for the March dates you mentioned (3/6-3/13 or close) and haven’t come up with any yet from Ft Myers to Georgetown, though they are supposed to resume 2/15..will keep trying. Can Beam er tolerate Valletta on ENJOY?

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