Middle school talent still in play!

Cruisers are very talented people

One thing is for sure, never underestimate the skills and talents of your neighbor in the anchorage.

Several folks got together at the St. Francis Resort for a terrific free concert last night.  Guitars, banjo, trumpet, and singer songwriters.  Today, a community member on the beach (Jillian Spruyt) casually mentioned that she started a few lower schools in Mongolia!

Talent from middle and high school in use!

I knew, the moment he saw a sound board, Don would be up there helping out.  The musicians weren’t sure why it wasn’t working the way they needed, so Don saved the day.

Don the dealer!

Don was recruited to be a poker dealer due to his superior skills.  With 5 tables going (45 players!), last night was a resounding success!



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