Hauled out again? We’re not pay’in…

08:00:00 days left and we’re painting the props. Again…

So, we had the lovely occasion to haul Enjoy out two weeks after our sail drives and props were painted (not on our dime…) And, to our shock and horror, the SeaHawk Smart Solution paint had failed. You could flake it off with a fingernail.

So, Port Annapolis and Seahawk negotiated a solution during the US SailBoat Show, and today we are proud owners of newly pained sail drives. We have 2 layers of Seahawk’s S-76 Tack Coat, 2 coats of Seahawk Tuff Stuff, and 2 coats of Interlux Trilux 33 on the aluminum sail drives. The props have the Tackcoat, Tuffstuff, and Seahawk’s Biocop. You know we’ll be diving on those props in a few weeks in the Bahamas and adding underwater shots on how they’re doing against barnacles and other growth ..

Scuba anyone?

Thanks to the good folk at Submerged, Inc., we now are the proud owners of two aluminum scuba tanks to go with my amazing Craigslist find for scuba gear. Don found a great way to install them between three PVC pipes, and we’ll add non skid as well. I’ll upload pictures when the job is done. We’ll snorkle a lot more than diving most likely, but now we’ll be prepared!

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