Started provisioning food today

19:00:00 days left; yesterday we did our first Costco run. Where will it all go? That’s the challenge of boat living!

I found a Southwestern recipe to marinate the skirt steak and a lime cilantro marinade for the chicken. Only ran out a bit on the lime…shhh lemon was substituted!  Don verified the Foodsaver we’ve kept since 2002 was still working and then proceeded to vacuum pack the meats, while I labeled cans and broke down boxes.

It was so sad to say goodbye to our dear friends Dawn and David Landsman as well as the best boat guests ever, Gail and Walter Lundstrom with whom we buddy boated in Greece and Italy in 2003.  But, just as I was getting a bit low, my good buddy Ryan Warren invited us to a fun evening on a new-to us-boat which reminded me why Don and I are doing this wild and crazy adventure!

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  1. It’s been fun watching you prepare for your adventure. It’s been about 15 years since we cruised together and I hope that we can make it happen again. I will formally retire on October 31 and we will head out on Snowcat (once again) in January- headed towards the Bahamas this cruising season. Stay in touch and safe travels! K & D aboard Snowcat

    1. Karen, so great to hear from you! We were on the new Balance yesterday and thought of you and Dean. I hope we’ll still be in the Bahamas in January; will keep in touch, indeed!

    2. So we leave the day you retire! Let us know when you head out and we’ll have drinks ready when you arrive!

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