We just installed our own solar

25:00:00 days left and now with a magic solar carpet on the clam shell!

So Don and I sat down when we first moved onto Enjoy and estimated our power consumption. We did the typical …research all sailing blogs and create our Google worksheet based on our equipment. How about those bilge pumps keeping water from getting where it shouldn’t…there are four plus their alarms that take power too.

Then there are lights and personal electronics–not bad. But refrigerators and freezer have to be fed and then there’s that microwave I got used to–maybe we’ll use that a bit less and run the inverter. No, I didn’t forget all the navigation systems, we assume they get first dibs on power! But it’s the comfort package that is really power hungry. What happens when the electric pump doesn’t run in the head (toilet)…there are three. And the electric winches that enable me not to go to the gym to lift weights take a surprising amount of power!

In the end, we decided to add a 245 watt panel to total 685 watts of solar and it’s the type that you can walk on. Now to track how much it actually produces…