What I learned from 150 mariners sharing experiences

30:00:00 days left.  What have I learned after decompressing from a terrific September weekend of Seven Seas Cruising Association Gathering of Mariners (Gam)?

Among the many things I learned:

  1. I can sail into my late 90s, and that by selecting a catamaran, I wouldn’t have to change boat types when I lose some of my balance.  You see, 60-70 is young-old, 70-80 is middle-old, and 80-100 is old old!
  2. When you fully dedicate yourself as a volunteer, you make friends for life!
  3. What Don and I wish to do is the new normal, and we’re actually conservative in our approach.
  4. There’s always a great deal you can’t pass up at a flea market, even if you have no room on the boat. 

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