15 years later I redeem myself! 

31:00:00 left. Before our last cruise in 2002 at an SSCA nautical flea market, I found a Pactor modem to transmit data over long distances (so you get email in the middle of the ocean) . Removing my hand for a split second to take a phone call, someone else swooped in and bought it. We left on that cruise for the year without a single side band radio.

Fast-forward to 2017, and Nina is stronger, faster, and smarter! So, when I saw an Icom 802 radio and Pactor III modem this time, I unashamedly left my hand on it and yelled to Don to come look! With reinforcements from Scott Berg that this was a really really good deal, we bought and installed it ourselves after getting helpful hints from Scott, Dave Skolnick, and many other passers by.

Guess who spent the morning listening to Chris Parker’s daily weather forecast from the comforts of our cabin?