Why Hollywood is in Love with Moorea and Tahiti

Disney Captured Much of the Feeling in Mo’orea

We were lucky enough to have a tour with a local guide who taught us as much about Mo’orea’s medicinal plants, ra ‘au Tahiti. Our tour guide shared the values of the Tahitian people such as never sell the land, and yes, NEVER SELL THE LAND or your ancestors will come back to torment you! I couldn’t help but see the image from Moana when Grandma Gala told the children history and scared some of them with these types of tales. When people come to get Tahitian tattoos, they tell the tattoo artist their life story and then the artist brings them to life as depicted by Maui’s tattoos as well.

The fact that Chief Tui didn’t want his peoples to leave and travel to the outside world, is based on what Polynesian’s call the Long or Great Pause which spanned 1000 years. Having carefully planned Enjoy’s passage to the South Pacific around the El Nino and La Nina winds, and hearing of at least 3 boats sinking during our Pacific passage and another 2 sinking so far this season, we can understand why sailors might get anxious crossing these wide and unforgiving oceans.

A favorite film location of Hollywood

At least 31 films include scenes in Mo’orea. To name a few: Mutiny on the Bounty, The Bounty, South Pacific, South Pacific, Tahiti’s Girl, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti and more. Yes, I do sing “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair” as I shower off Enjoy’s sugar scoops!

Words cannot express the beauty of Mo’orea, so here’s a few views from our tour to whet your appetite/

The big city of Tahiti

During our overnight in Tahiti, we were able to stop at the Musee de Tahiti & Des Iles and learn a lot more about the tools and history of navigators, fisherfolk, and the differences between the different French Polynesian archipelagos. It was beautiful and we highly recommend stopping there.

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