80% of the way observations

I’m sleep deprived, so here are a few random thoughts and even more random pictures.

No squid shower, no fish

If your boat isn’t covered with squid in the morning, you likely won’t catch fish that day. Haven’t had lures out in days. Maybe that’s why we’ve only seen 1 Chinese fishing mothership with her little illegal fishing boat children since the Galapagos.

See one, do one, teach one

Going over bowlines with Josh and later him using them for our Lagoon Geniker.

Sailing is 90% boredom, 10% sheer terror

Ho hum, ho hum let’s put up the Istec parasailor. For one thing, we found she doesn’t fly well under 5 kts AWS and especially when it rains. But, when there’s wind, it’s like Hold On to the Reins and fly me to the moon. Until, there’s too much wind and Don says, Hey I think we shoudl douse it, it’s steadily over 20 kts. Josh and I look at each other and hesitate. Don says, it’s gusting to 24 kts and Nina says, OK, putting on my foul weather gear and harness. Josh does the same and we go to douse her. Luckily we both clip our teathers on because as Nina tries to pull her down, Nina flies into the air! Admitting defeat, I ask Josh who grabs the halter and.. flies up in the air a bit less and then with his entire body weight and muscle of a young man, gets the Parasailor down. We untie it, put it away in the locker and come back triumphant to the helm. Don says, “BTW, it gusted to 31 kts just as you were trying to bring it down!” We slept an entire day after that! We hit 11.2 kts Speed over Ground surfing waves.

I can stock fresh fruit & veg for 26+ days

I lie! We still have 3 pumpkins, 2 apples, and red onions and garlic galore. To top it off (pun intended) I was able to adorn Josh’s 1/2 birthday cake with fresh Panamanian pineapple that I froze in preparation. We’ve been having Swedish birthday cake since our SV Enjoy travels in Greece 2003, when we met the Lundstroms, a cruising family that showed us the way!

Noise masking sleep buds are a must have!

I don’t think I could have made the trip thus far without my noise masking Bose sleepbuds. I crank the volume up high to drown out the many different noises in order to sleep.

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3 thoughts on “80% of the way observations

    1. Looks like you are having a great trip. Finding ways to stay motivated and live as normal a life as possible is always a challenge whilst on long passages. Ear plugs are a very useful addition they enhanced my calm anyway.
      Enjoy the rest of your trip. Sending love across the Oceans. Sue and Andy landlubbers in Orkney.xx

  1. Hi guys, we can totally relate to the Para-Sailor experience which we nickname the Jurassic Butterfly for obvious reasons. On our passage from Mexico to Hawaii The Butterfly tore off a block from our mast. After that, I slept for a whole week. Enjoy the remaining 20% of the trip! Poly lies just around the corner.

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