Panama Canal Again – Tomorrow on Enjoy

Yes, we are leaving to go through the Panama Canal tomorrow! This time should be the charm; Don says if we return it’s a sign that we’re destined for the Mediterranean.

It will be hard to say good by to the SBM staff and community, they have really been there for us over the years.

Who this time?

Once again, transiting from the Caribbean side to the Pacific side of Panama via the Panama Canal. This time, our good friends, Christine McAdam (SV Domicile) and Charles Bodain (Panama Yacht Broker) will be our line handlers, along with a profressional line handler from our agent, Erick Galvez.

Hopefully, we will be nesting with our friends Samantha and Volkers on SV Hinawei.


We will leave the anchorage near Shelter Bay Marina at aroun 5:00 EDT, our Advisor will boart around 5:30 EDT. Then, there are three different live stream links:

  1. Tomorrow Morning, April 24, we should be at the Gatun locks today anytime starting 7:30 am EDT
  2. Then, we will be passing the Centennial bridge to get to the Miraflora locks sometime around 1:00 pm EDT
  3. Finally, we should be at the Miraflora locks sometime between 2-3 pm, concluding at 4 pm EDT!  

See you on the other side!

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