Stovetop hack for portable induction burner

We use our induction burner 95% of the time

Since we hardly ever use our propane gas stovetop burners anymore, we needed a solution to the induction burner sliding around the metal grates of the stove top.

Tools needed

  • bamboo or wooden cutting board
  • drummel
  • carbide router tips for bamboo
  • water crayons
  • oil
  • wooden shelf struts from someone else’s boat
  • heavy duty clamps
  • sand paper


We wanted the cutting board needed to be secure for side to side, and front to back movement. Then, we wanted to inset the induction burner so it wouldn’t move as well.


  • Color the burner grate and knobs with washable crayons
  • Paint the grate with oil
  • Put board on top to absorb color/oil pattern
  • Flip it, put grate on top, and transfer entire pattern for 100% accuracy
  • Select appropriate width drummel router tip and keep vacuum handy
  • Clamp board to table and start routing
  • Test depth of routing for grate
  • Validate routing pattern works
  • Lightly sand finished work
  • Place on stovetop and mark lines for forward and backward wooden shelf holders
  • Glue and crew wooden holders
  • Oil entire board
  • Place on stove top with pride


See for yourself! This project took roughly 3 hours total.

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