COVID-19 Rain & Shade Projects

For folks that are stir-crazy, there’s always the 50 lb sewing machine taking up space that needs to be justified. So, we were able to finish several projects this past month. So, instead of blogging about exciting new tropical islands, we’ve made our little island more comfortable.

Foredeck & mid-deck sunshade

We purchased several rectangular Coolaroo sunshades from before we left on our journey. Several were used for a rear-deck sunshade that rolls up, but taking on the fore-deck and mid-deck was architecturally challenging. We wanted it to stay up during heavy rains, and around 10 kt winds. It would only go up when we’re somewhere for a longer time, like sitting here in the Red Frog Marina, waiting out COVID. Here are the completed pictures!

Mozzie nets for door & windows

Although we have a major mozzie net closing in the ENTIRE cockpit, from a day-to-day it was overkill. So, leveraging the 72x 83″ magnetic door curtains on Amazon, we re-configured them so we could get in and out easily from the door and even have the windows open. I learned how to sew with binding tape with rounded corners!

Fender covers

OK, they look like a cream puff with a few pigs-n-blankets, but we used the Sailrite boat blanket material to make fender covers, with Barrel Lock Cord Closures 1/4″, Dacron leach line 1/8, and shock cord hook self locking clips 3/16″. The round ball was quite the challenge, we learned a lot about darts and were able to patchwork a solution using scraps.

Eyebrows & Masks

In order to redirect rain from channeling down in front of our salon windows, we repurposed some Sailrite Flex-a-Rail and fashioned eyebrows. If our watermaker ever breaks, we can put buckets under it and catch rain 🙂 And, with Panama enacting a country-wide law requiring masks to be worn in public at all times, check out our Sailrite masks Don made with fabric from his mother, and inserts made from automotive oil absorbent pads.

One thought on “COVID-19 Rain & Shade Projects

  1. That is really amazing. Nick and my great adventure will likely be purchasing a For Transit cargo van and converting it into a camper and your email gave us lots of ideas. We were trying to figure out how to do mossy screens and if you buy them done up for a camper van they are over $1000 but I think we can use those magnetic screens you bought and redesign them for the van. It will be a lot cheaper. We will need one for the sliding side door and one for the back double doors. I’m hoping we get beyond this COVID life and can move on to our next one. I’m supposed to retire the end of June but will wait and see what happens. If I can’t really travel or do much by the end of June I will likely delay retirement. Keep having fun. Linda and Nick


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