Rasta Blue Mountains & Errol Flynn’s river diversion

JahB Coffee Guest House

For my birthday, Don rented a car and we drove up to the Blue Mountains to stay at JahB”s Guest House. We went with two other cruiser couples, Mindy & Ron Bixel (S/V Follow Me), and Erin Brown and Kara Muessig (S/V Velos).


The drive from Port Antonio through Kingston to the mountains was CRAZY; we should have rented a 4 wheel drive. 5 hours of switch backs, unpaved roads with huge ruts, goats, dogs, bikes, trucks, people. We crossed through water, and transversed a river on a concrete bridge with 4″ to spare in video below.We hiked 1/2 way to the top, enjoyed local banannas and a fruit like passion fruit from a vendor midway and only got a little lost using Velos’ drone to determine the path like all modern hikers do 😉
JahB made us a delicous vegetarian dinner, and shared his smooth and naturally sweet JahB Jamaican coffee with us in the mornings. We spent evenings playing Golf cards and Bullshit with dice, happily drinking Mindy’s 150 proof soaked pineapple.


It’s a small world

True to our new lifestyle, after saying good by to new friends in the Bahamas, we came back into the Port Antonio marina only to be greeted with a big smile, and Happy Birthday wishes from newly arrived Hazel Arnold & Paul Edwards (S/V Susimi).

Erroll Flynn’s favorite rafting on the Rio Grande

They say that the locals used to bring their produce and other materials down the Rio Dulce river on bamboo rafts, and Errol Flynn decided that might be a good past time for him and his friends. He would go down the river each day with a different Jamaican lady, accompanied by a food Raft, and another raft with musicians.All I know, is that it was one of the most relaxing days of my life. In tandem with Hazel and Paul, We stopped for a swim and for a wonderful chicken, rice and breadfruit lunch made by a local woman. Just as we were coming to the end, we saw one of the other cruising boats coming up the river on their dinghy with the engine tipped up. They had paddled pretty far up the river; young Norwegians are very hardy!

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  1. So glad to sharr your happy times…yes,we will plan to come and visit you in Panama. Why in fall?

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