Florida to the Bahamas

North Bimini

Our first land after leaving Florida, was North Bimini where we tied up at Blue Waters Marina, to wait for some weather to pass.  During that time, we were able to see the Dolphin House which reminded Don and I a lot of the Gaudi houses in Barcelona.  We removed some rails to fix a small leak, finished a big sewing job of two sun shades for the “back porch”, and met and enjoyed the company of fellow cruisers: Toni & Brian (SV Indulgensea), Debbie & Dan (MV Stella), Beth & Stan (SV Scout), and Don & Cassey (SV Gypsea).

Our hitchhikers

The night before we left North Bimini, Daniel Blackwell and Anastasia Borovskaya, a young Russian couple that came in on a boat from Cuba, asked if they could catch a ride to Georgetown.  STCW certified, and already cleared into the Bahamas, we checked their passports, visas, references and figured sure, this was something we could offer them. So, 7 am the day we left, we had two new guests on Enjoy!

Catching our first great baracuda but keeping the mahi-mahi

On the crossing, we put both fishing rods out with squid, and two different lures. Wouldn’t you know it but right at dawn when we were crossing the Bahama Banks, we caught a beautiful great barracuda with Very, Very sharp teeth.  Unfortunately, according to our bible: “The Cruisers Handbook of Fishing”, the great baracuda:

  1. being this particular species,
  2. being this particular size–definately larger than 30″/76 cm,
  3. having been caught in this particular location–off a Bahamaian reef,

it was highly likely be a carrier of ciguatera which is a toxin that can result in nasty symptoms from 24 hours to up to months if not years.  Thus, after subduing it with clove oil & alcohol to the gills, and Don spearing it in the brain with our iki jimi spike, Daniel carefully pulled the lure out without cutting himself and we mournfully threw her back into the sea (not before Daniel kept a few teeth for Anasatasia as a souvenir). On the other hand, we caught a beautiful mahi-mahi, and learned from Anastasia and Daniel, how to make fish jerky and a wonderful soup, along with my usual day 1 sushi, day 2 sashimi, and day 3 grilled fillets!

Mostly motoring in order to buddy boat and meet schedule…

We actully sailed for 4-6 hours crossing from Marathon, Florida to North Bimini.  But, due to wind on our nose, we motored from there to Blackpoint, Great Guana, where we anchored for the night.  We then buddy boated with Tom and Linda Kimbrell (SV Toucan) to Hole 2 in Georgetown, Great Exhuma.  Indeed, we were quite excited to sail again with Tom & Linda. Chatting as cruisers do often via Facebook Messenger, we planned to meet up at some point, having first met last season in Green Turtle Cay, Abacos.  Since then, our paths crossed in Ft. Pierce, Florida as well.  This is how the cruisers life goes.  You make a friend, you say “see you later” but never say good bye hoping to see them again in some other anchorage, on some other island.

Georgetown Hole 2

We’re finally here in Georgetown, and ready for our only guest in the Bahamas this season.  Don lost a crown, but lucky for us, the dentist from Nassau who only comes twice a month was in that day and able to take him.  I now have two more art pieces on on the boat, since my sister, Adi Benning, kindly took one and cut it into two and shipped it off to me to grace our boat.


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