Navigating in the fog is tough

We couldn’t see 100′ due to fog

When crossing from Cape Cod Canal to Scituate, MA, the fog came down on us like a ton of bricks!  We couldn’t see more than 100 ft. in front of us.  Over the six hours, I sounded our conch horn every few minutes until I ran out of breath; then Don took over.  There were a few rallys between other boats; it was always good to hear their sound diminish as they passed further away.  We kept an emergency air horn nearby as well in case we were really unpleasantly surprised.  Good thing we were only surprised once, and both of us saw eachother in enough time to react.  It was a wooden fishing boat that didn’t have AIS (not unusal), and weirdly also didn’t appear on radar (not pleasant). All is well that ends well, and we learned a lot from the experience.

Newport summer mansions

What can I say, the Vanderbilts and the Astors truly did have it good! We toured all the lovely Newport summer homes, heard stories about what it was like growing up as young children, as servants, and as women trying to make change in a man’s world. We ate well, and heard some terrific wedding bands as we hung out on the front tramps.


Working the Sailrite, making window shade covers

Family and friends

Both Josh and Tali were able to come visit us which is always terrific.

We ran into Ren (sv Guinivere V) and Madde (Sail like a Girl), both whom we met in the Bahamas.

We did a successful transfer of my 88 key Yamaha keyboard on the dinghy to Josh’s car without dropping it in the water. And, I was able to see a retina specialist about my eye. Unfortunately the lesson is that aging is no fun!


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  1. Wow you guys know how to have adventures in your latter years! Great picture fun times really happy for you guys.. Everything is okay here, going to Tucson the 26 27 28 29 and Annika will come and visit with me. Love you guys wish I could visit. Will do soon! Love Mom

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