Our first fish! A black fin tuna

Fresh bait made all the difference

What can I say. I was feeling a little competitive. All these folks have been catching fish all season, and we had not.

We tried a variety of lures but it turns out, that fresh bait in the form of squid is the bomb! Off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, we put out our fishing rod that we purchased secondhand at an SSCA GAM nautical flea market. Play squid bait on one of the cedar plugs, had our big fishnet at the ready and filet knife.

After a few hours, we heard the comforting click click click of the fishing rod mechanism, and knew we had a live one. Don reeled in a yellow striped tuna with black fin 30 inches long and 18 lb!

Lime coconut jasmine rice, seaweed strips, and the wasabi that our Exhumas guest Walter Lundstrum bought in anticipation of catching fish during his visit. Our first caught tuna sushi. And sashimi. And tartar, grilled steaks, and maybe even fish stew!

Goodbye Bahamas. Hello Charleston, SC.

Sadly Don and I took down our Bahamas courtesy flag, in anticipation of entering the US in the next few hours. We are flying a yellow quarantine or “Q” flag ready to go, and are excited to explore the beautiful southern metropolis of Charleston, SC.

Green Turtle Cay Heritage Festival

I was able to load some shots from the Green Turtle Cay Heritage Festival that we attended with some our cruising friends.  Check out the most excellent Royal Bahams Police Marching Band that came from Nassau.


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