My first WordPress post via email!

In preparation for the time we’ll be crossing oceans and still want to publish blogs, Don set up this new ability to update our WordPress site via email. Of course, at that point we’ll have very low bandwidth via our Pactor III modem ~4800 baud), so I won’t be uploading images then but I can splurge now!

Recently, Don and I stopped at a very lovely marina, Safe Harbour in Cave Cay, which is a private island with it’s own landing strip. We had a lovely walk about, and a private beach with the soft sand folks rave about all to ourselves. If anyone has a spare $60 million, this is the place to purchase!

"Shark" also offered all the Reverse Osmosis (RO) water we wished which was a splurge as we’re waiting for two more parts to complete our watermaker installation. One thing we’ve learned is to test water quality before adding water to our tanks. Our total dissolved solids (TDS) meter showed a very nice 309 ppm versus the 800+ ppm in Marsh Harbour, Abacos tap water.

We’ll continue South to meet up with Ruth and Peter Preuss in Georgetown, Great Exuma. Apparently Georgetown is the summer camp for cruisers, with all sorts of daily activities and access to hard sometimes hard to find fresh veggies and such (provisioning).

Some fun pictures from the past few weeks to push the limits of the email upload capabilities!